Saturday, 9 April 2011

Labour Party list - some Maori up high on the list, but not enough

Well Labour have released their party list today, interesting to see Kelvin Davis and Deb Mahuta, high up. Although it would have been nice to see some non-Labour party people on their, ie people loyal to Labour, but not Labour lifers.

I see Parekura is in the top 10, so all the rumours that he was going to retire were dead wrong here, I thought so too. I mean where else is he going to get a job, KFC spokesperson maybe??

Same as well for Nanaia Mahuta, wrong again from mainstream bloggers and news media, she has sought a spot on the list. Seriously what is up with media predictions when it comes to Maori (especially Labour) MPs, they are about as wrong as a one leggered prostitute doing the hola hoop.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Plastic wakas

Plastic wakas. This has gotta be a "nice to have". Shame on you National!

This totally lessens Maori culture. So tourists come over here and think that, a freakin plastic waka is Maori culture. People think less of us already with the dumbing down of the haka, and the crap that goes on in Rotorua.

Shane Jones, rightly is making hay of this. I see his speech in the house today was soley based on it. And now thanks to the brilliant Maui Street blog, chur bro, it looks like Shane is only a few thousand votes behind good ole huggy bear Pita.

This has surely gotta boost Shane Jone's chances, after Sharples has already been tarnished by the F and S debacle this year. tut and tut.

New Labour strategy duh

So the new strategy from the Labour party is to call for the resignation of all the government Minister's. Seriously?? A 5 year old could come up with a better strategy.

They should have dumped Phil last week, and chucked in Parekura, at least there would be plenty of kai at Labour functions. They need to do some serious rejuventation and quickly!!

Hones new party name

What will the new Hone Harawira led party be called. I have a few ideas below. Is the party ever going to really make traction?

Once were in the Maori Party
Hey bro
Chur chur

Monday, 4 April 2011

Where Kelvin Davis at?

I see Kelvin Davis was completely overlooked in today's Labour education appointments. This is typical Labour, he should have at least picked up Maori education, he has some great ideas and is so passionate about Maori education. Dumb arses!